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Drew Brophy

drew 5.jpeg

  • Surf inspired art made using paint pens on surfboards and canvas

  • Drew works to tie in both the surf and art community into one

  • Drew uses surf visual rhetoric to appeal to his audience

  • This ties into my project because I am most likely going to use paint pens and surf inspired imagery 

Sketchy Tank


  • Marker illustrations/graphic design 

  • Works to fight social norms in a rebellious way with art

  • Investigates visual culture by skate inspired works in the San Diego area

  • Skate inspired art working to fight social norms 

sketchy-tank (1).webp

Justin Brice Guariglia 


  • Photography fighting climate crisis 

  • Helps fight climate crisis through art 

  • His work helps investigate visual culture by nature imagery with dark undertones of the future of society

  • Sustainability message in art 


Alejandro Durán


  • Uses ocean pollution as a medium to combat climate crisis

  • Uses art to fight ocean pollution

  • His work investigates visual culture by creating art from ocean trash

  • This connects to my overall theme of ocean pollution and art 


Max Liboiron


  • Ocean inspired art made from ocean pollution

  • Helps to combat ocean pollution through his art

  • He investigates visual culture by pushing the agenda of pollution being colonialism 

  • These works connect to my project by creating works of art challenging peoples perception of pollution in the ocean.

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